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Other poems

I have loved this poem and this poet forever. Her words heal me and remind me I am timeless (we are timeless) enjoy necia

Ego Tripping
Nikki Giovanni (1973)

I was born in the Congo.
I walked to the Fertile Crescent and built the sphinx.
I designed a pyramid so tough that a star
that only glows every one hundred years falls
into the center giving divine perfect light.

I am bad.
I sat on the throne
drinking nectar with Allah.
I got hot and sent an ice age to Europe
to cool my thirst.
My oldest daughter is Nefertiti.
The tears from my birth pains
created the Nile.
I am a beautiful woman.
I gazed on the forest and burned
out the Sahara desert.
With a packet of goat’s meat
and a change of clothes,
I crossed it in two hours.
I am a gazelle so swift,
so swift you can’t catch me.
For a birthday present when he was three,
I gave my son Hannibal an elephant.
He gave me Rome for mother’s day.
My strength flows ever on.
My son Noah built an ark and
I stood proudly at the helm
as we sailed on a soft summer day.
I turned myself into myself and was Jesus.
Men intone my loving name.
All praises all praises,

I am the one who would save.
I sowed diamonds in my back yard.
My bowels deliver uranium.
The filings from my fingernails are
semi-precious jewels.
On a trip north,
I caught a cold and blew
my nose giving oil to the Arab world.
I am so hip even my errors are correct.
I sailed west to reach east and had to round off
the earth as I went.
The hair from my head thinned and gold was laid
across three continents.
I am so perfect so divine so ethereal so surreal.
I cannot be comprehended except by my permission.
I mean…I…can fly

like a bird in the sky…

email me one of your favorite poems I might post it here



Close your eyes and you will see clearly
Cease to listen and you will hear truth
Be silent and your heart will sing
Seek no contact and you will find union
Be still and you will move forward on the tide of the Spirit
Be gentle and you will need no strength
Be patient and you will achieve all things
Be humble and you will remain entire
– A Taoist Meditation

On February 18,1993 This was found on the classroom chalk board:

It’s not why you are here
What you are doing [while] here

Just come to know
worth it
Within the Touch holds the
Souls and the Hands
This is the Heartland

By Tim Lawrence

To be nobody-but-yourself
in a world which is doing its best,
night and day
to make you everybody else
means to fight the hardest battle
which any human being can fight;
and never stop fighting
e. e. cummings

Your slightest look
easily will unclose me
though I have closed
myself as fingers

You open always petal by petal
Myself as Spring opens
Touching, skillfully, Mysteriously,
her first rose.
e.e. Cummings


As the river flows ALL is well ALL is light


As the river flows All is given and recieved . . . . . . . gratitude is given and recieved


As I flow with love of home, work, friends, family, and life itself

ALL praise is given for life, ALL LIFE

As I flow like the river, concerns end . . . . . about enough and missed opportunities

for, there is no such thing as the river flows


Seven Cups of teas by Lu Tong, 1835, China
First cup souses lips and throat;
Second cup relieves loneliness and worries;
Third cup burgeons thoughts and words;
Fourth cup flushes out complaints and anger;
Fifth cup cleans muscles and bones;
Sixth cup purifies heart and soul;
Seventh cup may be declined;
It will fly you like a kite.