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Best Song

This song

was recorded in my home by my sons Jazman Brewer(Jaz the engineer) and Robert Jamal Gamby (Joe Good) and a friend ID (Issac Dahl) the MC for the group Archetype.

During what was a typical day during a time of full swing of The 64111 Clinic, I was upstairs in my apartment just relaxing. I didn’t know what was happening downstairs in my sons apartment otherwise known as 64111 studios.
As it came on nightfall, I was sensing something but couldn’t sort out these feelings, so I got up to wander downstairs just to move around a bit. I opened the door to their apartment and this song hit me. The energy of the space was electric. The guys were in the process of recording this song, an amazing song. I was near dusk so the apartment was dimmly lit.

I sat down, invisible, just watching them interact. Their spirits were dancing they were playful like little boys, jovial, enjoying the process. Jaz was listening with his amazing ears to the playback and giving feedback on where he thought they were in the process. Corrections still need to be made, certain words needed to be clearer, cadences corrected, this section need this or that all in voice of confidence and joy. He knew, what I knew this song had the making of a masterpiece. It just needed nurturing and patience.

I sat in the shadows which if you know me at all, you know is hard for me, but what was happening between these 3 young men was magical and I felt if I spoke, the spell might be broken.

Sooooo me, shadows, very quiet and invisible.
Them focused, playful, creating.

Joe and ID went back into the booth, a makeshift closet with office dividers added for acoustic and to increase booth size. Jaz with his headphones back and mic in hand said “ready, let start with his bar” and the music started up. ID needed to re record a portion of his verse, then he and Joe added some ad-libs to the chorus.

Next came listening to those results, more comments, etc . . .
there is more to this story haven written this much now the finer nuances will surface. I have love this song since its inception and have wanted to share it through this site for years, today is that day. I hope you listen and like it
and now .. . .. . . . BEST SONG!