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NRGinmotion Bookshelf

This is a collection of books, tapes, videos, music et cetera that I like.
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  • Touching : The Human Significance of Skin - Ashley Montagu
       This book is to date the definitive research on skin and the importance of touch. If you are wanting validation for your innate understanding about touch this book is so in-depth you'll know what the word feast means.
  • Office Yoga : Simple Stretching for Busy People for - Darrin Zeer, Michael Klein
       I have not read this book, but that doesn't stop me from recommending it. Just get this book and put it in your desk drawer at work and let the magic begin.
    Who knows, you may become the fitness guru of your office or something. Go for it!
  • Eat Right For Your Type - Dr. Peter J D'Adamo
       This book a is definitely worth a look. The blood type theory offered here has opened up a deeper awareness of what we eat, why we eat it, and how it can affect us. Dr. D'Adamo then gives a routine complete with diet and exercise for each type.
  • Wellness Workbook - John W. Travis MD & Regina Sara Ryan
       This is a good spot to begin on the wellness trail. Filled with experiences to have and research to support its thinking. Let me know via e-mail what you think and/or experience.
  • Stretching - Bob Anderson
       I've had this book forever. It's like having a good friend you can count on. I refer to this book probably once a week for a stretch routine for job-related tension and a client I'm working with. I give copies of the everyday stretches to all my first time clients. Bob Anderson, thanks.
  • Reflexology for Beginners - David F. Vennells
       Beginners is the key word here. Give reflexology a spin. Your friends will love you, I mean your hands. (smile)
  • Anatomy Coloring Book - Wynn/Lapit
       This book is a must for the serious body owner. (smile) No really, visual aids can clarify nagging questions regarding a muscle location. Besides coloring is always fun!
  • Compassionate Touch Hands On Caregiving for the Elderly, the Ill and the Dying - Dawn Nelson
       Touch is the key! I can't begin to tell you how touch soothed my mom and me when she was dying. It was something WE could do with each other, a way for us to keep talking without words. If its your job to help people die, get this book. If you're a family member, get this book. GET THIS BOOK!
 Mind and Body
  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - Steven Covey
       The concepts within this book are TIMELESS AND CLEAR. If you are into self reflection and internal dialogue , this book is a great journey companion.
  • All About Love New Visions - Bell Hooks
       I was visiting my friend Mary Alice back east. One of our favorite things to do together is shop for books. I bought this book on one of those trips. I could not stop reading it or talking about it as I read it. This book
    lends itself to a reading group format. It is thought provoking and tender. Share it with a friend.
  • Emotional Clearing - John Ruskan
       This book is a great toolkit for self actualization. The author is a visual artist, who captured his journey towards being a whole person. What a gift of insight. Jump in with both feet and enjoy.
  • Shelter for the Spirit - Victoria Moran
       In this book the author has provided us with food for thought about our home, its content and the way we are nurtured by it. Remember "Home is where our heart is." Enjoy.
  • Rossiter Road - Ahmad Jamal
       I've been listening to Mr. Jamal since I was a baby. My Mom listened to him a lot. I named my son for him. His lullaby was Ahmad Jamal many nights. At our home we FEEL Ahmad Jamal. Check Him Out! Email me about your "Jamal" experience.
  • Love Scenes - Diana Krall
       There's not a bad song on this CD. My favorite is The Gentle Rain. My Mom hipped me to Ms. Krall. Thanks Mom!
  • Intuition - Bill Evans & Eddie Gomez
       My Favorite so far by Bill Evans. Point of interest: The pianoman on most of Kind Of Blue is, you guessed it Evans. Miles Davis thought highly of him.
  • Kind of Blue - Miles Davis
       WOW IS THE ONLY THING I CAN SAY. I HAVE 3 COPIES OF THIS CD in my massage room, my TV room and one in the car. It is always in rotation in my life. Gives new meaning to "It's All Good."
  • John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman - The same
       Smooth as silk. Yum. Johnny Hartman was revered by his comtemporaries. Once you hear it, you'll understand why.
  • New York Tendaberry - Laura Nyro
       this woman is amazing. She never really got the fame, but that doesn't change the fact that her voice and her passion will light your soul.
  • Biscuits and Gravy - SoundsGood
       I watched and listened to this music be born . . . . I highly recommend giving it a listen.