Massage Practitioner: Stay in TOUCH! NRG in Motion is Necia R. Gamby Licensed Massage Practitioner. Through this site you can schedule a massage session with Necia, get book recommendations, a little timely inspiration, and explore information regarding massage 913.232.9119 [email protected]

About NRGinmotion

Necia is a massage practitioner in private practice. She has been in practice 38 years. She uses Swedish (classical) massage technique. Over the years she has studied and practiced Hatha Yoga and is currently studying TaiChi.

She founded and directed the Heartland School of Massage from 1988-1996. She has studied and incorporated Shiatsu, trigger point technique, lomi-lomi and a host of other philosophies and techniques into her massage style.

She was an instructor for Johnson County Community College’s Certified Massage Program for 6 years. She taught Basic Swedish technique and Business Practices. She is an avid reader and especially loves science fiction. Call Necia at 913.232.9119 to schedule,or use this site.

All information you share will be treated in an absolutely confidential manner. Some sharing of particular case studies may occur among massage practitioners, but any specific disclosures about you will not be allowed without your knowledge and written consent.

What Massage IS

  • Our system of Swedish, classic Western massage is a non-specific system of stroking, kneading and frictioning the supported tissues of the body.
  • Through its bodywork and related energy-focusing techniques, massage therapy can affect body balance and thus benefit healing.
  • Massage therapy is not involved in diagnosis or in "healing" any specific health complaint. The work of a licensed massage practitioner facilitates the body’s natural healing potential and self-restoration.