a thought regarding needing things

Only when he has ceased to need things can a man truly be his own master and so really exist.”

Anwar al- Sadat

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I have been fascinated with freedom most of my life. I think there is gene in my dna that remembers not having dominion over myself. Time is teaching me what it means to be free.

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Gratitude to those who went Before

when I read this, I thought of my great great grandmother Maggie Henry who was the 1st woman in my line to be free from slavery. I owe her mother a debt of gratitude for enduring and birthing Maggie.

thank you great great great grandmother,I don’t know your name

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answer me this?

who made all these borders? What purpose do they serve for the everyday folk? aren’t we more alike than different.

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Aquarius Age

I see this concept more and more, mostly in hiphop culture, but in small pockets of folk enjoying life more and stressing less.

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“Let the ancient serve the present, let the foreign serve the national; by developing that which has been accomplished, one creates something that is new.”

Mao Zedong

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This thought is comforting to me. long before I knew this to be true I sensed it somehow and began to construct my life around it
see what you think nrg

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