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Enjoy and Stay In Touch Y’all

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Sleep Deprived World . . . . .

First, This entry is in Honor of my found Parents Dale and Aileen Bennett. For 30 years now, I have had the honor of being cared for by them. For my son jamal, they are his grandparents. Yesterday I attended their 70th Wedding Anniversary! Thanks to their daughter Gayle for friendship and love. ok so how does this relate to sleeplessness.
Well, while I was at their celebration, I was sitting with another of my found sisters Kathleen and her husband Dennis. Dennis was saying his sleep patterns had him up every hour and I said have you tried essential oils? I on the spot promised I’d do some research to see what I could come it. the articles I post today are for Dennis and anyone else who sleep escapes . . . . .

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pluto, full moon, planetary influences . . . . ..

“It’s never too late to become the
person you might have been.”
– George Elliot

the following astrological information is from Carol Barbeau.
I like what she is saying about the current and upcoming planetary influences we are working with

its a long read but well worth it for inspiration

have a great day full of self appreciation


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Appreciation Vs Gratitude

Gratitude vs Appreciation Update:

I was discussing this with one of my meditation partners and she made a point that caused a deeper understanding . . . . . .

My ups and downs caused me to gravitate towards “Appreciations” as an immediate tool to gain relief from my momentary low periods. an example would be: when I catch myself in circular thinking, if I can see something beautiful, hear a bird, or something along those lines, in that moment, if I can appreciate that, these momentary feelings are often enough to lift me from the circular lows. If I can substain these awarenesses longer by using other appreciation discoveries, there’s a good chance I can break the circle, hence regaining my overview of “Gratitude” and get back in the “groove of gratitude”

thanks Ruth

“Gratitude is a wonderful emotion. Appreciation is ten times better. Gratitude almost always points you toward the thing you’ve overcome. Appreciation aligns you with the Source within you. They are very different vibrations.”

Abraham-Hicks Weekly CD – San Rafael, CA, 03/03/2007

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Do you Know About This Website? Daily OM

I get a Daily OM in my inbox every day. My friend Leda turned me on to this and I have enjoyed reading them since. The thing I most enjoy is the opportunity this Daily Om afford me to reflect on my larger life. Life can seem pretty small (tight) sometimes. These everyday reminders keep me opening towards my largest self. give it a try @

Today This is What came:

October 9, 2007
The Life Of Your Dreams
Waking Up
Many of us are familiar with the experience of waking up to the fact that our lives are no longer working the way we have set them up.

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Human Symptoms of the Coming Planetary Shift

The following are common symptoms that people are undergoing during their transition to a finer irrational acceleration of their body’s energy systems:

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There’s a Shift Coming! New Scheduling Days

I’m shifting (my work schedule) ever so slightly. Wanna see? Click on Click here located under scheduling.

Starting in November my scheduling days are Thursday Friday and Saturday.

To assist this shift, during October I have added Thursday though Saturday, and kept Monday and Tuesday.

If you have been scheduling on Monday or Tuesday, I hope these added days will allow you to pick the thursday friday or saturday appointment you will shift to.

There is another feature that may interest clients who book regularly, you can book multiple appointments. In fact, you can schedule a year’s worth of sessions, add them to your calendar and I will confirm them by email and put them in my calendar.

How’s that for easy.

If you have questions, I can be reached at 913-232-9119

thanks for making the shift and lovin bodywork


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a prettier printable version of the Food Chart

See chart

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